Dino Simonett is a truly impressive person: he travels a lot all around the world, he knows the most diverse characters and tells unbelievable and surprising stories about every kind of topic. Beside being a person to have very beautiful conversations with, Dino is a creator of those which he himself claims to be “sophisticated art books in splendid beauty”, which made him internationally renowned.
Since more than thirty years, he collaborates with architects, artists, photographers and in general interesting people, all very accurately selected, with whom every time he has developed one -or more- extremely precise books. First with the name of Edition Dino Simonett, then recently with The Name Books, Dino has created a considerable amount of books, among which none is equal to another, not even similar, if not for their precision and for their being peculiar to the person/oeuvre they portray; what keeps them all together is the accuracy towards every single detail, from the binding, to the paper to the graphic and the format.