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Bruther_the Reach of the Game

Being resilient in architecture is asking yourself what is relevant. Is however Relevance the characteristic which qualifies architecture as such or is Relevance the quality which makes one of its factors essential? Nowadays, we wonder if our profession is of any Relevance, and within its fields which are the factors for which we wouldn’t compromise under any condition.

Amongst other recent successes of Bruther is the winning proposal for Lausanne Campus together with Baukunst close to SANAA's Rolex learning centre and OKGDVS's RTS headquarters.
Bruther developed national and international projects such as Cultural and Sport Center Saint-Blaise (2014), Helsinki Central Library (2013) and New Generation Research Center (2015). Bruther stands for a specific architecture, adapted to the needs of each project in order to offer maximal living conditions. Adaptability and evolutivity of the building are fundamentals in the office practice.

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