OSA is an association of students, it’s a collective.
As such, it is an open text, a sight on the outside world which wishes for multiple opinions.
OSA is a tool through which the students open a debate on architecture in its widest form.

OSA runs independently from the Accademia organising student-led events and lectures consciously proposing different points of view that expand beyond our academic environment. We exist on the periphery. A school of architecture isolated from other faculties and those socio-political questions found in the city. This unique setting for living, teaching and learning provides the school with a specific consciousness within the architectural discourse - concerned solely with architecture as built form.

This attitude allows us to explore a generosity of form, space and ideas within the design studio. The pedagogy of the school is defined by a collection of professors each bringing their own established position from the profession. This generates a unique sensibility within the students’ practice of architecture that continues to contribute to the discipline as a whole.

Our aim is to expand this paradigm and reach beyond prescribed positions found in Mendrisio. We look to call on different voices. We hope to stimulate more conversations, diversity and ideas. We look to create a platform to discuss, evaluate ourselves and confront our architectural convictions.

Learning from 2018-2019

Pamphlet Acts of Relevance 2017

Pamphlet Acts of Resilience 2017

Pamphlet Acts of Resistance 2016