OSA is an association of students, it’s a collective.
As such, it is an open text, a sight on the outside world which wishes for multiple opinions.
OSA is a tool through which the students open a debate on architecture in its widest form.

This semester OSA will take into account the issue of RELEVANCE.
Being resilient in architecture is asking yourself what is relevant. Is however Relevance the characteristic which qualifies architecture as such or is Relevance the quality which makes one of its factor essential? Nowadays, we wonder if our profession is of any Relevance, and within its fields which are the factors for which we wouldn’t compromise under any condition.

This pamphlet is the first act of Relevance of the semester: it lists macro-cathegories and reduces its interpretations to a few texts and images, resulting from our own initial thoughts. It does not dare to answer any question: it is a flux of consciousness of the redaction, a file rouge of the issues we would like to take into account with our guests

Pamphlet Acts of Relevance 2017

Pamphlet Acts of Resilience 2017

Pamphlet Acts of Resistance 2016