OSA_Act of Resistance 3
Diana Alvarez-Marin, Miro Roman_A Quantum City: Mastering the generic

''We are all nomads
native to the universe.
This is a stage play,
a narrative about us on the planet.
About how we relate to each other
and to the Great Masters among us.
Welcome to The City.
The views are wide open and bright.
Cities are powerful and challenging.
The heights are lofty the abysses are deep.
Take a seat!
Here’s the setting: A planet.
The generic city.
And 100% urbanism.
Raise the curtain!
Everything is connected.
Everything imparts everything.
The self and the other.
Good and evil.
Adland perfection to bad news provocation.
The burning pain of aching souls versus the purity of nature.
Catastrophe and salvation circling each other forever in their merry-go-round.
A Venetian Carnival: Masks, murder, love, perfidy and beauty.
What should I do,
if I am capable of anything
but have no idea what to do?''

Miro Roman and Diana Alvarez-Marin are PhD researchers at ETHZurich for the chair of Computer Aided Architectural Design. They will guide us through their research that led to the redaction of the book "A Quantum City”.
This colossal work, doesn't mean to offer another theory about urbanization, it is rather a love letter to the city and intellectual culture, taking to a re-discovery of The City itself.